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Software Maintenance

It has often been seen, especially in an outsourcing scenario that clients have hard time retaining the original software development teams. This poses a lot of difficulties for the client both monitory and practical, as complications arise as software does not meet the ever changing business scenarios

  • All valuable data that has gone into the software and now would be practically impossible to move to the new software or incur huge expenses to move the data to a new system.
  • With changing times software needs to updates, fixes or new features that are now practically impossible to do without the original develoment team.
  • The astronomical cost of re-building the software with a new team
  • With limited knowledge transfer between the client and the dev team often day to day operations can be hard to handle which leads in loss of valuable time.

We offer a team that will work towards minimizing your cost, workout schedules and plan of action to carry short term and long term goals. Quite simply we are the best that team you never had, and will never let go. Our review process is mentioned below.

  • We will review the software and understand the your objectives for the software.
  • A detailed review of the source code and Database will be carried out to understand the technical challenges that we may face in meeting your objectives
  • Based on the objectives a full review of the software is done.
  • Our team will review the software and list out salvageable components in case a total rebuild is needed
  • We will draw out a plan of action based on your immediate and long term objectives
  • We will take over the software and assume full ownership

Advantages you get by engaging a team for Software Maintenance

  • Performance enhancements
  • Removal of existing bugs
  • Updates in software in line with changing regulations and business trends

Type of Software Maintenance we offer

  • Adaptive Maintenance: Porting and Migration of Data
  • Enrichment Maintenance: Adding New features or enhance the existing features, this may also include improving the scalability or overall quality of the software.
  • Corrective Maintenance: Debugging and Issue resolution
  • Preventive Maintenance: Documenting Source code for easier future maintenance and building Software manual

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