Project Duration : 3 Months
Skills/Tools Used :
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • MS SQL server 2012
About Project

Summary :
This online management solution is developed for small and mid level companies . We in our company already using it from last few months and enhancing the product as per needs .Currently we have below list of features available in this product.

Features :
Administrator Portal
1) Employee Management
 - Employees List
 - Approve new employee.
 - Block Left Employee
 - Edit Employee

2) Holiday Management
 - Add Year Wise Holiday List

3) Portfolio Management
 - Add/Edit Projects done by company.

4) Client Management
 - Add/Edit Clients Data
 - System reminds you right before their anniversary or birthday to concerned person.
 - Phone number and Email security.

5) Data Reuses on company portal
 - Database of Employees , Clients , Projects, Companies can be reused . Facility to produce data to the company main website for Vacancy Information, Project Portfolio , Client List etc.

6) Document Library Management
 - Documents can be uploaded to document library . These documents can be downloaded and can be made available to employees in their portal area.

7) Google Sheet display for Employees attendance (Manual)
8) Employee Checkin - Checkout based Attendance sheet and work our report.
9) Automatic daily email work report to specific managesr or CEO.
10) Automatic End  of the Month email attendance sheet to concerned persons.
11) Daily work status email of individual employee along with status to concerned managers.
12) Send Bulk email to individual Employees or Clients.
13) Leave Management

Employee Portal
1) Register with original information.
2) Login facility with OTP in official email.
3) Holidays List Wall
4) Birthday, Anniversary, Year Completion of employees on wall.
6) Automatic Email notification to respective employee on Birthday, Anniversary and Year/s completion in the organization.
7) Checkin - Checkout feature with End of the status report.
8) Apply and View Leave status.

Android Application for Employees (Under Testing)
1) Login through OTP
2) Checkin for the day
3) Check out for the day along with work status.
4) Sends automatic email to assigned manager.
5) Can checkin or checkout only in office premises with location information.
6) Logout

Project Screenshots
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